Dragon Mobile

Well, it’s been a while, but I feel justified a little this time in the delay. Did have the baby, and discovered that people don’t lie when they go on about never having enough time. At least in the first few weeks. I’m slowly now starting to get a handle on it all, I think. This could come back to bite me on the arse as Bub has routinely shown me that it is indeed possible to cry for three hours straight. But hey, I have some time now, and I’m updating my blog. Yay!

Things people have assumed that would change about me is that I would like other babies now, too.

That hasn’t changed. I am still not a baby person. I still don’t want to hold other people’s babies. Other people can hold their babies. I agree with this situation.

Mine, on the other hand, I assume is the most adorable, sweet, and the funniest baby ever to have existed. I can’t understand why no one else would think that. (So I’ve got the crazy one-sided mum thing down pat.)

Anyway, enough on that. I’m still catching up on the “Things I’ve Made In My Nesting Phase…”

Onto the next item. The dragon mobile.


(I would have gone for more artsy images, but our house was under siege by European wasps and they really liked the sun, and I didn’t really like them…)

This has been an absolute hit. It hangs above the change table and Bub just stars at it, smiles and chat away, which makes changing him easier. Well, it did before he learned how to raise his legs up, and now he tries to dance, but at least there’s minimal screaming involved.

The mobile stand was pilfered from the one I used to have above my cot as a baby. It has a musical and spinning element, which is cute. You can buy them off of Ebay for not much at all. Just remember, they’re called “crib mobile,” not cot.

The dragons are from a Ravelry pattern by Lily Coulombe; baby dragon amigurumi. I just omitted the wire insert for the wings because that might have been a little too dangerous. I also stitched on the eyes, because laziness kicked in again and I couldn’t be bothered tracking down those safety eyes. A consequence of this is the eyes are very small and they kinda look a little forlorn.

The sun is something I knocked up. Very simple and I’ll share that here as I took pictures this time!

I drew a sun template on some cardboard. I made sure the points were opposite another, as I find that balance makes it look a little neater. But then I do the points of various heights to give it a little quirk.

I cut out that design on two pieces of felt. I then used a pencil to sketch out a circle in the centre of the sun.

Next, using a back stitch and some orange wool, I stitched up the centre circle. Leaving a gap to stuff it full of filling. (I have been using the same old pillow for my projects which require filling for ages now. You don’t need a lot of stuffing to do any of this, even some old material scraps would have worked.)

I did the face in black wool using back stitch again. Babies see strong colours and contrast early on. Which is why I went for the black. They also see faces, so hey, thought that was the best way to go.

For the cheeks, I just drew them on with a red sharpie. You could use two bits of red felt, but I didn’t have any, and sometimes lazy is the best option.


You then use good old blanket stitch around the outside, curse a few times because you chose the bluntest needle possible to do it and you’ve slammed into your fingers too many times, and you’re sun is complete.

I chose to do the face after I’d stuffed the sun. I found that was the only way I could make sure I would get the proportions right. You may find it easier to do the face before, but really that, and a sharper needle, are the only possible changes I’d make to this design.

We haven’t named the dragons yet, but I think after I got a request from the Boy to make a black one, they’re probably going to end up with War Craft names. Probably better than Game of Thrones, as I made four, not three, and the dragon only has three heads (because four would be unseemly.)

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

So next time I’ll get onto one of the last catch up pieces. I think. And it involves this little guy:




Any thoughts?

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